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Pain Management

Dealing with Your Pain

Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy offers you several options for dealing with chronic pain problems(fibromyalgia, chronic low back and neck, etc.). We offer electrical stimulation therapy through our STS unit. Our massage is also a tried and proven method of greatly reducing the impact of the various factors which typically cause pain in joints and muscles: stress, overload, tension and anxiety. Our methods are state-of-the art techniques which doctors have come to trust as means to alleviate pain without drugs - or surgery for decades.

With pain management, proper diagnosis, management and long term treatment are extremely important. Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy strongly believes in, and utilizes proven rehabilitation techniques. These components can dramatically reduce the reoccurrence of chronic pain.

One of our nations largest health concerns is chronic pain. Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy uses the expertise of Pain Specialists, Rehabilitation Specialists and trusted physicians. We approach your pain in a timely, one-on-one setting to provide comprehensive care as you need it most. Each patient's pain is unique. The diagnostic process includes an in depth work up. Verbal inquiry, discussion, physical exam along with testing and evaluation as needed. Work up may also include EMG, CT, MRI or other diagnostic modalities.

Pain is no laughing matter. We take it seriously, and we work with you to alleviate it as best suits you as an individual. To get on the road to pain-free living and working, call our scheduling office @ 501-758-1300 to schedule an evaluation, physical exam, consultation, referral and treatment... or contact us today.

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