Personal Attention - Customized Programs

Every patient that comes into our clinic receives an exercise program that addresses their specific needs. Central Arkansas Sports Medicine is totally committed to providing the most personalized, effective, and comprehensive fitness programs available. We have enlisted some of the very best exercise, medical, and nutrition experts. We are part of a powerful network of dieticians, professional bodybuilders and athletes, authors and world class care specialists, sports medicine and physical therapy experts, and many more qualified professionals ready and willing to personally help you look, feel, and perform at your very best.

Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy's experts will not only answer all your health and fitness questions, we will personally develop a program that is right for you--one that's tailored to your goals, fitness level, time and equipment availability, personal preferences, special limitations, etc. Our programs revolve around you. At Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy we make it easy to get the one-on-one attention you need, and the results you have been seeking. Our facilities are handicapped-accessible.

For the latest in hands-on manual therapy, custom fitness programs, and a broad spectrum of innovative sports medicine, contact Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy today.

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