"After a patella fracture and surgery, I began therapy at Harris Renshaw. The staff is very professional. The PT's and techs work great together to provide the he best patient care in a supportive environment tailored to specific needs.Scheduling was convenient. I highly recommend Harris and Renshaw!"

Gail Rodgers - North Little Rock

"I met Bo Renshaw after my son experienced his second brain surgery. We were afraid Chad wasn't going to be able to continue the kind of rehabilitation he received as an inpatient at BRI (Baptist Rehabilitation, LR). In fact, Chad's neurologist told him that he had gone as far as he could. But It was clear after a few visits with Bo that he had Chad's best interests at heart. He was able to suggest a personalized routine, and he worked with Chad one-on-one to accomplish Chad's goal of regaining the use of the left side of his body. As you can probably imagine, we were surprised when Chad called us from the top of Pinnacle Mountain. He had a lot to be proud of. Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy had given him exactly what he needed. I am glad that Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy is the kind of place that cares enough to give people hope!

During the year following, I had a stroke and heart attack which affected my balance. The doctors told me that I would never be able to walk straight or climb stairs. Once again, Bo was not ready to give up. After several months of work, I could step up on a curb without assistance and actually walk without the obvious limp. I am truly proud to be able to tell you that this is all because of the practices of Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy."

Trisha Shewmaker - Jacksonville

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