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Rotator Cuff Injuries

Shoulder MRIA torn rotator cuff causes pain and weakness in the affected shoulder. In some cases, a rotator tear may be only partial. You may experience pain in your shoulder, but you still have a normal range of motion. Typically, the larger the tear, the more pain and weakness you experience.

In a worst case scenario, the rotator cuff tendons rupture completely. These types of complete tears leave victims almost completely unable to raise their arms away from their sides. A complete tear is usually very obvious. If your doctor can move the arm in a normal range of motion, but you can't move the arm yourself, you most likely have a torn rotator cuff.

It is crucial that work with our trained staff to improve the strength and coordination in the rotator cuff and shoulder blade muscles after this type of injury. Your therapist can also evaluate your workstation or the way you use your body when you do your activities and suggest changes to avoid further problems.

At Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy we understand that patience is a critical aspect of your care. Rehabilitation after rotator cuff surgery often involves therapy sessions for two to three months. We expect a full recovery in as many as six months. We will work with you to get your shoulder moving as soon as possible, while providing the type of compassionate, patient care that protects your healing tissues.

At Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing you with personalized care that gets you quickly back to your active lifestyle. We provide custom care that centers around state-of-the-art, hands-on techniques and tailor made exercise programs delivered by highly trained, compassionate physical therapy professionals.

We will spend time with you, or your employees, discussing viable return to work plans - or just simple ergonomic solutions to make the workplace a healthier, more productive environment.

Because of our dedication to both cutting-edge therapy and personalized one-on-one care, Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy can give you the kind of focused, progressive treatment that can accomplish fast, powerful results.

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